Cosmetic Care - Crowns & Bridges

It’s hard to feel confident when your smile shows worn, damaged or missing teeth. 

A dentist visit can help you find the perfect solution in crowns and bridgework, when a significant amount of teeth have been lost or damaged from decay or injuries, but it is still worth saving. 


Crown Application and Full Bridges

Crowns restore and fortify your teeth, allowing them to function normally again and look like complete natural teeth. 
Once your tooth is shaped to receive the new covering, and its impression is made, Dr. Minniti will proceed to make the crown directly right in the office. 
When ready, the new crown made of resins and metal will be ready to be bonded to your tooth, for a perfectly restored smile. 

When more teeth need crown replacement, or when a crown will benefit at best of the support of other natural teeth, Dr. Minniti will discuss and evaluate the option of a bridgework, for a more complete tooth restoration. 


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