Preventive Care - Dental Exam and Oral Cancer Screening

Dental Exam

Oral cancer should be regularly screened for annually starting around the age of 18, especially in patients who use tobacco. 

During the visit Dr. Minniti performs an oral cancer screening, to review the general oral conditions of the patient. If needed, he will recommend a visit to a Specialist for further check up and treatments.

What to expect from the Screening Exam

Most of the front of the mouth oral cancers are related to tobacco or heavy alcohol use, or in a smaller number of cases can be caused by genetic predisposition. In these cases, visible changes in the tissue can be seen and evaluated by your dentist. 

Dr. Minniti performs a deeper exam to research for oropharyngeal cancers, that can frequently occur in the area of tonsils and at the base of the tongue. 

Please contact our office for scheduling your next oral cancer screening exam.

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