Rooth Canal Therapy

Root Canals Save Teeth

When tooth trauma or decay involve the nerve of the tooth, this can lead to painful infection or tooth loss. Dr. Minniti performs root canal procedures to treat the infected tooth nerve and restore the tooth to proper function.

What is a Root Canal?

After getting the area numb using local anesthetic, Dr. Minniti will begin the root canal treatment by making a small opening in the tooth and removing the infected nerve.

The next steps are very detailed as the tooth nerve chamber and tiny “canals” are cleaned and disinfected, then filled with a bio-compatible material.
Following root canal treatment, Dr. Minniti will protect the tooth with a dental crown to restore it to normal function.

Why can’t I just extract the tooth?

Natural teeth serve your bite and jaw bone health better than any type of tooth replacement, including dental implants, dentures or bridges.

  • If the tooth is extracted, the cost of these replacement procedures is more than the cost of a root canal and a restorative crown.
  • Teeth that are lost and not replaced can lead to a number of dental problems.

Dr. Lorenzo Minniti has completed extensive training in root canal therapy.
He will complete root canal therapy in our Alpharetta dental office from start to finish, followed by restoration with a dental crown.

In some cases, Dr. Minniti may recommend root canal treatment by a dental specialist, an endodontist, for teeth that have developed additional complications, followed by a restorative.

If you have been told you need a root canal, or are experiencing symptoms such as tooth sensitivity to hot, cold or pressure, please Contact Us to schedule a dental examination. Early response can help you avoid pain and infection and is a smart choice for your oral health and your budget.

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